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Maia Casna

PhD candidate / guest

Arch. M. Casna
+31 71 527 2727

Maia Casna is a PhD candidate in palaeopathology.

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Maia Casna’s main research interests involve palaeopathology as a tool to investigate human past. Following her master’s thesis, her PhD project focuses on the respiratory health of past Dutch populations and investigates how this was compromised by urbanisation and industrialization starting from the Medieval period to the Post-Medieval one. More specifically, Maia’s research aims to point out the threat posed by the overpopulation of centres in both past and modern populations. As recent clinical studies have pointed out a huge health gap between higher and lower social classes due to housing and working environments, with her work Maia aims to raise awareness on how everyday habits shaped human health in the past and how they continue do to so in the present.

Curriculum vitae

Maia Casna (MSc) graduated in 2017 from a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Bologna, Italy. She joined the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University in 2018 for a Master of Science in Osteoarchaeology, from which she graduated cum laude in 2019 with a thesis on the impact of environmental factors on the respiratory health of two post-medieval Dutch populations. Since the beginning of 2020, she is a PhD student at the faculty.

PhD candidate / guest

  • Faculteit Archeologie
  • Archaeological Sciences
  • Bio-Archaeology

Work address

Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
Room number C0.12



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