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Archaeology in Leiden has a long-standing tradition that started with the first Professor of Archaeology in history, Casper J.C. Reuvens, who was appointed in 1818. Since 1997, the Faculty of Archaeology has been the only independent Faculty in the Netherlands that offers both BA degrees at an undergraduate level and MA degrees at a graduate level.

Archaeology is a global discipline in which a comparative perspective is brought to bear on all types of material culture in the pursuit of understanding people of the distant and recent past. To this end the Faculty of Archaeology provides education and training in the recovery, analysis, and interpretation of the material remains of the human past, including the application of scientific techniques, as well as the study of archaeological heritage.


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are becoming a major part of academic education.  MOOCs are free and available online for anyone with access to the internet. This form of open education is a great way to get introduced to and prepare for the study of archaeology at our faculty. We have a choice of interesting topics available for you now and will be adding more courses soon.

BA degrees in Archaeology

Our BA degrees are designed to provide extensive general training in archaeology: you will  learn about a full range of theoretical, analytical and field methods from some of the world's leading archaeological researchers. You will also have the opportunity to follow your interests in particular chronological periods, geographical areas or specific fields of study.

Master degree in Archaeology

By earning a degree in our archaeology graduate programme, you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work in the exciting and inquisitive field of archaeology. The Archaeology Graduate School trains students for careers in archaeology-related fields, preparing students to work in academia, national, provincial and local government, commercial companies and cultural resource management. A degree from our archaeology graduate school can lead to a career in field archaeology, teaching at universities, a PhD position, curating in museums, or work in a laboratory.


With a large number of Faculty and graduate students working all over  the world and offering specialised programmes in a variety  of topical and technical areas, our Faculty offers an unmatched environment for discussion and debate of practical, methodological, and theoretical matters in archaeology.

Honours track

We offer the Honours track Crossing the borders in World Archaeology for excellent students, giving them a head start in developing certain skills, such as learning how to discuss and how to conduct critical research, as well as the opportunity to build up a professional network.


Are you interested in participating in a fieldwork project? Please contact fieldwork co-ordinator Mark Driessen.


As a discipline, archaeology prepares you for a wide range of future careers, within the world of archaeology or heritage management, and far beyond. The personal skills, analytical techniques and general ways of thinking are all highly transferable.

PhD Graduate School

The Faculty of Archaeology offers a dynamic research environment for PhD researchers. The PhD Graduate School of Archaeology is ‘home’ to all Faculty PhD students, organising PhD meetings annually, and monitoring the PhD track: training programme, supervision, and progress in research.

Close-knit community

We offer students a splendid opportunity to work closely with staff in field study, in the laboratory, and in the classroom, developing professional expertise. While Leiden University is an enormous institution with vast resources, the Faculty of Archaeology is a compact entity in which archaeology graduate students and Faculty members of staff interact, formally and informally, on a daily basis.