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The Faculty of Archaeology offers Bachelor and Master education in Archaeology, Heritage and Museum Studies, presenting a window into the future of the past.

Our students acquire skills in fieldwork and excavation, and in the analysis and interpretation of archaeological finds. They learn to use scientific methods and techniques. Our students are taught to develop theories about human evolution and past societies, and to interpret and manage heritage.

Bachelor in Archaeology

Our Bachelor's programme provides a broad introduction into Archaeology, Heritage and Society.

Here, you can learn about how humans behave, by studying the activities and behaviour of people from the past, or you can delve into the role of heritage in society.

Discover our English Language Bachelor in Archaeology, which prepares you for an international career. For those who like to challenge themselves: check out the Honours Traject, Crossing Borders in World Archaeology.

Master in Archaeology

Our Master's programme (MA, MSc or Research Master) gives you a solid basis for an international career in Archaeology, Heritage Management, or in museum work.

Follow our Online Courses

In recent years, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have proved to be highly-valuable in academic teaching. This form of open learning is an excellent way to sample Archaeology at our Faculty.

Enrol at no cost for two MOOCs:


We run fieldwork projects all over the world. As a student, you can participate in fieldwork projects in France, Cyprus, Oman or the Caribbean. If you are a student from outside the Faculty of Archaeology, but would like to take part in one of our projects, please contact fieldwork coordinator, Arjan Louwen.

Preparing for Employment

It is important to the Faculty that our students are well-prepared for their working lives. This aspect is covered during your education. Apart from workshops and courses, we have an annual employment market for our students.

Archaeology students can look forward to a broad range of opportunities in employment, both inside and outside the Archaeology and Heritage sectors.


The Faculty of Archaeology offers a dynamic research environment for PhD students. The 'PhD Graduate School of Archaeology' offers an English-language hub for our PhDs and organises meetings and offers supervision.

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