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Leidse Rusland-experts doen onderzoek naar eeuwenoude tradities en moderne leefgewoonten van Rusland en Eurazië door de cultuur, geschiedenis en taal intensief te bestuderen. Daarmee proberen zij de westerse onbekendheid met Rusland te doorbreken.

Beschrijvingen van onderzoeksprojecten binnen Universiteit Leiden zijn meestal Engelstalig. 

The Russian Language of Islam

This project explores how Muslim authorities and writers use Russian to transmit Islamic contents, and whether this leads to a specific "Islamic sociolect" of the Russian language.
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The Kolyvan-Voskresensk Plants and the Russian Integration of Southern Siberia, 1725-1783

How were the Russians, under early modern conditions, able to incorporate this distant, undeveloped and, because frequent nomadic attacks, dangerous territory? And what role did the Kolyvan-Voskresensk plants play in this process?
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The intimate voice of the Russian Avant-garde: adapting the aesthetic self and the rise of Socialist Realism

This proposed research uses ego-documents from visual artists that were not intended for publication to reassess the scholarly debate on the demise of the Russian Avant-garde aesthetic in the twenties and early thirties of the 20th century.
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The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Golden Horde

Did the Jochids leave their mark on the Grand Duchy, taking into account that the Lithuanian state was one of the main successor states of the Great Horde in the 16thCentury?
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Eurasian Empires. Integration processes and identity formations

What holds people together and what makes them willing to fit within larger political structures? Our project examines this question in the practices of dynastic rulership in Eurasia ca. 1300-1800.
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Politics, Culture and National Identities 1789-present

The research group Politics, Culture and National Identities 1789-present investigates a wide range of national political cultures in Europe and the Americas in the 19th and 20th centuries. Instead of only analyzing high politics (the acts of governments and political parties), the research group focuses on political culture in a broad sense.
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