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Meeloopdag BSc Security Studies | Course 'Case Study: Fukushima'

dinsdag 27 februari 2024
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP Den Haag

BSc Security Studies is een Engelstalige opleiding. Alle informatie is in het Engels. Vragen kun je eventueel in het Nederlands stellen aan de studentambassadeurs.

Get a taste of Security Studies, take part in the Student for a Day event!

Are you interested in studying BSc Security Studies in The Hague? Would you like to know how it feels to be a student at Leiden University? Do you have some questions that only a student can answer? Then sign up for the Student for a Day event!

If you decide to join this Student for a Day event, you will:

  • attend the lecture 'Fundamentals of safety science' of the course 'Case Study: Fukushima'
  • meet current students;
  • have the chance to ask all your questions about this programme and student life;
  • get a tour of the faculty building.

It’s an ideal opportunity to get to know the BSc Security Studies even better. 

Who can participate?

To participate in the Student-for-a-Day event, you preferably visited one of our events, like the Open Day. In any case you should be in your final or next-to-final year of university preparatory high school. 


The programme will be as follows:

11:45 -  12:15  hrs Join the student information officers on Campus

12:15 - 13:30

Joining (first part of) the lecture 'Fundamentals of safety science
13:30 – 14:00  hrs  Time for questions
14:00 - 15:15 hrs If you'd like to, you can join the second part of the lecture as well

After your registration, you will receive an email with more information a few days before this event. 


Please register via this form

There are only 15 spots available. 

About the course 'Case Study Fukushima'

On May 11th, 2011 an earthquake caused a tsunami that hit the Fukushima nuclear power plant. This eventually led to a nuclear meltdown and release of radioactive material. This disaster is an example of a non-intentional threat (safety) to vital interests in modern society.

By following the logic of interdisciplinary thinking, students will learn how to understand and explain the Fukushima disaster in terms of causes, effects and implications for organisations (public and private), citizens and the natural environment.

Students will explore the Fukushima case by applying knowledge and methods from relevant academic disciplines. They will learn to review an event, or set of events, through the lenses of various academic perspectives and gain the ability to apply this skill to other cases in the domain of security and safety. Read more


If you have any questions regarding the Student-for-a-Day event, feel free to contact the student ambassadors Joris van Buiten, Masha Alexeeva and Emma Korpershoek via sambass@fgga.leidenuniv.nl, or communicatie@fgga.leidenuniv.nl 

We look forward to meeting you!

Sign up and join our Student for a Day

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