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Evaluation of the environmental impact of products (EIPRO)

Identification of the products or product groups that have the greatest environmental impact from a life-cycle perspective using environmentally extended input-output analysis.

Gjalt Huppes
Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO)


This study supports the development of an EU Integrated Product Policy by clarifying which products have the greatest environmental impacts from a life-cycle perspective. A methodology was developed and applied which builds on the methods and results of previous research as far as possible and complements this with a new systematic analysis of the environmental impacts of products for the EU-25. The new analysis was done with an environmentally extended input-output model that allowed distinguishing several hundreds of products. The methodology and results were discussed with experts and stakeholders in a series of workshops and meetings. The study shows that food and drink, cars and products for housing are particularly relevant for the environment.

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