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Research project

Evaluation of the environmental impact of products (EIPRO)

Identification of the products or product groups that have the greatest environmental impact from a life-cycle perspective using environmentally extended input-output analysis.

2004  -   2004
Gjalt Huppes
Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO)


This study supports the development of an EU Integrated Product Policy by clarifying which products have the greatest environmental impacts from a life-cycle perspective. A methodology was developed and applied which builds on the methods and results of previous research as far as possible and complements this with a new systematic analysis of the environmental impacts of products for the EU-25. The new analysis was done with an environmentally extended input-output model that allowed distinguishing several hundreds of products. The methodology and results were discussed with experts and stakeholders in a series of workshops and meetings. The study shows that food and drink, cars and products for housing are particularly relevant for the environment.

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