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Triblock polypept(o)ides for siRNA delivery: unique polymeric designs for versatile carrier systems

Utilizing the polymeric platform of polypept(o)ides, this thesis describes synthesis and investigation of novel triblock copolymers to obtain carrier systems with multiple compartments for efficient siRNA delivery. Although the individual microstructure of nanoparticles differs depending on the polymeric building blocks, desired application and cargo, the final nanoparticles always combine a polysarcosine (pSar) shell with a polypeptide core, providing the ability of siRNA complexation by a polycationic segment.

L. Simić
07 maart 2024
Thesis in Leiden Repository

In addition, a third block enabled either covalent cross-linking, hydrophobic / π- π-stacking mediated stabilization or co-encapsulation of small hydrophobic drugs. Broadening the structural variety of such polypept(o)ides, a novel synthetic procedure was introduced to access AA'B- and ABC-type miktoarm star polymers.Investigations have been dedicated to the design of novel polymeric structures based on polypept(o)ides, to improve the delivery of siRNA by Polyion Complex Micelles (PICMs), provide access to different polymeric architectures, and to establish novel synthetic methods for the synthesis of these materials. Covering aspects from the synthesis of novel polymeric species up to advanced drug delivery strategies for siRNA in vivo, developments throughout this thesis extent the accessibility of the polypept(o)ide platform for nucleic acid delivery, highlight their potential in nanomedicine and further elaborate delivery strategies for next-generation nanomedical applications.

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