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Towards superconducting spintronics with RuO2 and CrO2 nanowires

CrO2, a half-metal ferromagnet, has shown great promise for superconducting spintronics applications for nearly two decades.

K. Prateek
08 december 2023
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Josephson junctions consisting of superconducting (S) contacts on ferromagnetic (F) structures of CrO2, have been shown to sustain remarkably high supercurrents over hundreds of nanometers. However, advancements in this area have been hindered by the metastable nature of CrO2 at ambient conditions. This results in a poorly controlled S-F interface transparency, which is critical for generation of spin triplets. This thesis explores the potential, challenges and possible solutions to overcome the issues with CrO2 devices.

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