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The role of water in hydrogen electrocatalysis

Promotor: M.T.M. Koper, Co-promotor: L. Juurlink

Ledezma, Yanez I.D.
09 juni 2016
Thesis in Leiden Repository

The PhD project was aimed to understand the role of the solvent in the hydrogen oxidation and evolution reactions on platinum and gold. This approach sheds light on the molecular origins affecting the kinetics of the hydrogen evolution reaction, as a promising source of energy in the era of sustainable energy production and storage. Ultimately, this work demonstrates the importance of the solvent in the hydrogen electrocatalysis, specifically, water, by settling its role as a solvent, as a proton donor, and by preferential proton solvation, clarifying a long-existing debate regarding the pH dependence of the hydrogen evolution, and setting a path for future exploration of solvent-electrode interfaces for the tailoring of electrocatalytic reactions.

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