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The flux and flow of data: connecting large datasets with machine learning in a drug discovery envirionment

This thesis focuses on data found in the field of computational drug discovery. New insight can be obtained by applying machine learning in various ways and in a variety of domains. Two studies delved into the application of proteochemometrics (PCM), a machine learning technique that can be used to find relations in protein-ligand bioactivity data and then predict using a virtual screen whether compounds that had never been tested on a particular protein, or set of proteins.

B.J. Bongers
08 mei 2024
Thesis in Leiden Repository

With this, sets of compounds were suggested for experimental validation that were significant in a myriad of ways. Another study investigated the mutational patterns in cancer, applying a large dataset of mutation data and identifying several motifs in G protein-coupled receptors. The thesis also contains the work done on the Papyrus dataset, a large scale bioactivity dataset that focuses on standardising data for computational drug discovery and providing an out-of-the-box set that can be used in a variety of settings.

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