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Dawn of the red and dead: stellar kinematics of massive quiescent galaxies out to z = 2

Promotores: Prof.dr. M. Franx, Prof.dr. M. Kriek (Univ. of California at Berkeley)

J. van de Sande
01 oktober 2014
Thesis in Leiden Repository

The first massive elliptical galaxies were already in place when the Universe was only 3 billions years old. Surprisingly, they are more compact in comparison to their present-day counterparts. In this thesis these recent findings are assessed by measuring the stellar kinematics of massive z=2 galaxies from spectra obtained with X-Shooter on the Very Large Telescope. This thesis work shows that high-redshift galaxies are truly very massive and structurally very different from present-day galaxies, yet they follow the same scaling relations.

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