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Unveiling protostellar disk formation around low-mass stars

Promotor: Prof.dr. E.F. van Dishoeck

D.S. Harsono
24 september 2014
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Star and planet formation is intimately linked through the protostellar disk. Understanding the formation and evolution of this disk is crucial to determine the physical and chemical processes that occur from the formation of dense molecular clouds to the emergence of life. Yet, the formation and early evolution of the protostellar disk are still not well explored. This thesis presents both observational and theoretical aspects of the early stages of disk formation and evolution. Hydrodynamical simulations of disk formation are coupled with multi-frequency continuum radiative transfer to determine the dust temperature. The detailed dust temperature structure is crucial for the construction of chemical structure. Observational predictions are simulated through molecular line radiative transfer methods to be compared with spectrally and spatially resolved data. By comparing these predictions with observational data, it is possible to link the disk formation process with planet formation.

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