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Pyrrole-based photoswitchable anion receptors

The main goal of this thesis is to achieve advanced control of binding properties in bis-pyrrolic and macrocyclic pyrrolic receptors by light.

D. Villar├│n Salgado
05 december 2023
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Pyrrole-based receptors, and in particular calix[4]pyrroles are excellent anion receptors, but only few examples have been reported in which they were modified with photoresponsive units. In this thesis, stiff-stilbene is first equipped with amidopyrrole units (chapter 2) and then used as linker in strapped calix[4]pyrrole (chapter 3 and 4). Alternatively, dithienylethene has been incorporated into strapped calix[4]pyrrole with the goal of changing binding selectivity in addition to affinity (chapter 5). Finally, the drawback of using UV light is addressed by red-shifting the excitation wavelength of stiff-stilbene (chapter 6).

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