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Palladium-catalyzed carbonylative synthesis of carboxylic acid anhydrides from Alkenes

Hydrocarbonylation of alkenes with carboxylic acids in synthesis of carboxylic acid anhydrides is relatively less explored. We herein present a study and optimization of a palladium-catalyzed hydrocarbonylation reaction of alkenes using carboxylic acids as the nucleophile, by which acid anhydrides can be obtained in moderate to excellent yields under mild conditions.

A. Ramakrishnan
19 december 2023
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Further, we have developed a method to synthesize symmetric acid anhydrides by in situ generation of carboxylic acids from the alkene itself, thereby eliminating the need of the corresponding pre synthesized Cn+1 carboxylic acid. The obtained anhydrides from the catalysis can be converted to (primary) amides, thioesters, esters or ketones via simple one-pot derivatization reactions. Following the establishment of the concept, we applied it in the synthesis of cyclic anhydrides from biobased sources such as pentenoic acid. A study on the regioselectivity demonstrated the different catalytic conditions that assisted in the formation of five-, six- or seven- membered cyclic anhydrides from pentenoic acid; with a major interest towards the formation of the seven-membered ring - a potential intermediate in the synthesis of caprolactam for nylon-6 production.

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