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Luminescence and applications of lanthanoid coordination polymers

Promotor: E. Bouwman, Co-Promotor: S. Bonnet

X. Liu
30 juni 2016
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Lanthanoid coordination polymers (Ln CPs), self-assembled from organic ligands and lanthanoid ions, combine the promising properties of normal transition metal CPs, such as a well-defined structures and large surface areas, with the properties of lanthanoid ions, notably luminescence and magnetism. As the oxidation state and chemical properties of the lanthanoid ions are highly similar, it is possible to prepare mixed-metal Ln CPs which show dual emission from two different lanthanoid ions or lanthanoid ions and ligands. In this research we focused on the preparation of Ln CPs, especially those containing two or more different lanthanoid ions, and the exploration of their applications in sensing. These dual-emission Ln CPs show good performance for temperature sensing: the intensity ratio from two individual emission peaks can be used as parameters for temperature. Furthermore, Gd2O3 was demonstrated to be an excellent substrate for the growth of thin films of Ln CPs. The temperature-sensing properties of these Ln CP films are also reported.

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