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Intermittency and Number Expansions for Random Interval Maps

This dissertation consists of two parts, each of which considers a different research area related to random interval maps. In the first part we are interested in random interval maps that are critically intermittent.

Zeegers, B.P.
14 februari 2023
Thesis in Leiden Repository

 In Chapter 2 we consider a large class of such systems and demonstrate the existence of a phase transition, where the absolutely continuous invariant measure changes between finite and infinite. For a closely related class we derive in Chapter 3 statistical properties like decay of correlations and the Central Limit Theorem. In Chapter 4 we investigate whether a similar phase transition remains to exist when the critical behaviour is toned down. Random interval maps can also be used to generate number expansions, which will be the main object of study in the second part. In Chapter 5 we generalize Lochs’ Theorem, which compares the efficiency between representing real numbers in decimal expansions and regular continued fraction expansions, to a wide class of pairs of random interval maps that produce number expansions. Closely related to this result, we study in Chapter 6 the efficiency of beta-encoders as a potential source for pseudo-random number generation by comparing the output of a beta-encoder with its corresponding binary expansion.

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