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Innovative sample preparation and handling strategies for automated and high-throughput metabolomics

Metabolomics has the potential to play a pivotal role in understanding disease onset and progression, and ultimately personalized treatments. One of its major challenges is its large-scale implementation, which is necessary to deal with the high variability of the metabolome. In this work we have developed tools for automated sample handling and preparation for metabolomics analysis, and bioanalysis in general.

A.L.W. Miggiels
12 maart 2024
Thesis in Leiden Repository

The tools are versatile, suitable for high-throughput, and able to deal with sensitive and biomass-limited samples. Sample transfer through segmented-flow can accommodate a wide range of samples and volumes, and can work seamlessly with many downstream processing or analysis. Two sample preparation tools based on droplets; one universal preconcentration tools using controlled evaporation, and one based on simultaneous extraction and enrichment, also provide a versatile interface and can be used to bridge gaps between processing steps. The working principles of these sample handling and preparation tools are universal and can be adapted for specific applications.

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