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Inextricable ties between chemical complexity and dynamics of embedded protostellar regions

Promotor: E. F. van Dishoeck, Co-promotor: C. Walsh

Maria Drozdovskaya
06 oktober 2016
Thesis in Leiden Repository

This thesis is centered around the embedded phase of star formation and the chemical links between the various stages of evolution. The primary goal of this work is to pinpoint the origins of cometary complex organic molecules in the preceding protoplanetary disk and prestellar stages, both in the gas and solid phases. The grand motivation is to identify our interstellar roots. This work is unique in comparison to earlier publications due to the dynamic nature of the models used in combination with the large comprehensive chemical network. Three chapters in this book pertain to physicochemical models and an additional one is of observational nature. Altogether, this thesis is an attempt to piece together the chemical connection between the prestellar core, the protoplanetary disk and the protoplanetary and cometary materials. The main take-home message is that the seeding of infant Solar System building blocks with complex organic molecules is unavoidable as a result of chemistry during protoplanetary disk assembly.

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