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Harnessing zebrafish xenograft models for ocular melanoma treatment discovery

The aim of this thesis was to develop novel treatment strategies for different types of eye melanoma utilizing zebrafish models. We first establish orthotopic and ectopic xenograft models for uveal and conjunctival melanoma by engraftment of the immortalized cells derived from these tumors into zebrafish embryos.

J. Yin
05 december 2023
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Next, we expanded these models with spheroids and zebrafish patient-derived xenografts for pre-clinical, personalized screening of anti-uveal melanoma drug responses. We demonstrated that these models can be harnessed to explore the in vivo interactions of the tumor cells with blood vessels and macrophages leading to angiogenic response. We finally apply the conjunctival melanoma model to clarify the inhibitory effects of ginsenosides and correlate their structures with potential antitumoral mechanisms.

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