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Arithmetic of affine del Pezzo surfaces

In this thesis integral points on affine del Pezzo surfaces are studied.

Lyczak, J.T.
01 oktober 2019
Thesis in Leiden Repository

In this thesis integral points on affine del Pezzo surfaces are studied. The first two chapters offer a review of arithmetic techniques and del Pezzo surfaces, but also a novel approach to del Pezzo surfaces using a new type of surface, namely the peculiar del Pezzo surface. This allows one to study del Pezzo surfaces by considering linear subsystems of cubic plane curves.In Chapter 3 a uniform bound is given for the Brauer group of certain affine del Pezzo surfaces over number fields. This answers an open question for the geometrically related K3 surfaces. While determining this bound techniques are described for (partially) computing these groups.Chapter 4 begins with constructing models of del Pezzo surfaces; not by geometrically manipulating the projective plane over the rationals and taking the flat closure over the integers, but by manipulating schemes over the integers. The advantage of this approach is that one can control the reduction of the surface over all primes. Using these techniques and the computations from Chapter 3 we describe families of surfaces with an order 5 Brauer-Manin obstruction to the integral Hasse principle. These stand out against previously published examples, since these were all of lower order.

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