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Princes and Prophets: Democracy and the Defamation of Power

Op 1 juni 2022 verdedigde Tom Herrenberg het proefschrift 'Prosecutorial Discretion in International Criminal Justice'. Het promotieonderzoek is begeleid door prof.dr. P.B. Cliteur en prof.dr. B.R. Rijpkema.

Tom Herrenberg
01 juni 2022
Leids Repositorium

This thesis deals with three restrictions on freedom of expression, namely 1) lèse-majesté (the insult to the national head of state; the monarch in a monarchy, or the president in a republic), 2) the defamation of foreign heads of state, and 3) blasphemy (insulting religion or religious symbols). This thesis examines the background of these speech crimes, their (international) legal status, as well as their relationship to democratic free speech theory.

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