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Edmund Frettingham

Universitair docent

Dr. E.J. Frettingham
+31 70 800 9477

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Universitair docent

  • Faculteit Governance and Global Affairs
  • Leiden University College


Anna van Buerenplein
Anna van Buerenplein 301
2595 DG Den Haag
Kamernummer 4.14


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  • Frettingham E.J. (2008), Religion, Security and the Market: “Extremism” and “Moderation” in Tony Blair’s Discourse of Religion, 1997-2007.'non-refereed' congresbijdrage
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  • Frettingham E.J. (2006), Public Religion and Emancipation in the Politics of Security.'non-refereed' congresbijdrage

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