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WTP for qualified teachers

New for 2020-2021: WTP option in abridged programme (verkort traject) for qualified teachers

From 2020-2021, teachers with a Dutch teaching qualification for lower secondary education (beperkte tweedegraads onderwijsbevoegdheid) will be eligible for the World Teachers plus programme. 

Curriculum for abridged programme in combination with WTP

  • Duration: one academic year 
  • Start: 26th of August 2020
  • Total number of EC: 30 EC 
  • Total number of extra hours: 156 = 100 (WTP plus programme) + 56 (additional requirements SP2)
    • 15 EC School Practice (Praktijk 2):
      • School Practice (including deadlines) is spread throughout the year
      • School Practice includes the WTP International Internship
      • Additional requirements: see below (approximately 56 hours)
    • 5 EC Subject Methodology (Vakdidactiek 2):
      • Plus 3 EC Subject Methodology (Vakdidactiek 1) if your previous teaching qualification is in a different subject area than your WTP subject.
    • 3 EC Innovations in Education (Innovaties in Onderwijs)
    • 7 EC WTP Research Project (Vakdidactische verdieping)
    • WTP seminars

Because students have no experience yet with in teaching in the WTP context, three additional requirements apply to School Practice 2 compared to regular abridged programme:

  • Participation in entire supervision programme (semester 1 and 2) and self-study for these supervision meetings. 
  • Students complete two additional formative assessments: Go/NoGo assignment and 360┬░ feedback assignment (semester 1).
  • Minimum requirements of School Practice 2: 130 pupil contact hours, of which at least 85 hours of independent teaching (of which student teaches at least 45 hours in senior years, 20 hours in junior years, 10 hours abroad and at least 50% in total in international or bilingual classes) and 290 additional hours in school. 

The additional study load for School Practice 2 is estimated to be approximately 56 hours (additional teaching load, supervision and assessments). 

Duration of abridged programme in combination with WTP

The nominal duration of the abridged programme in combination with WTP is one academic year. This is because the WTP includes WTP seminars and WTP research (Vakdidactische verdieping), both of which are offered across semesters 1 and 2. In addition, students need to participate in the supervision programme and carry out teaching practice during the whole year (see additional requirements of School Practice 2). This means that the duration of the programme differs from the abridged programme without WTP, which lasts half a year.


The WTP is a selective plus programme. Candidates for the abridged variant of WTP will be required to follow the same admissions procedure as candidates for the WTP master. Rejection from WTP will not affect your eligibility for the regular teacher education programme.


Please contact the study adviser should you have any questions. 

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