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WTP staff members

Tessa Mearns (coordinator)

Tessa Mearns is an assistant professor at ICLON, specializing in bilingual education and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). She is Coordinator of the WTP and of the international internships, teaches the specialized WTP seminars and co-supervises the action research projects. Tessa trained as a teacher following her Modern Foreign Languages degree in the UK. In the Netherlands, she taught English in one of the country’s largest bilingual education (TTO) schools while working towards a European Doctorate under the supervision of Do Coyle and Rick de Graaff. She defended her thesis, Chicken, egg or a bit of both? Motivation in bilingual education (TTO) in the Netherlands, in 2015 and joined ICLON in 2016. As a researcher, she continues to publish and carry out research in the fields of bilingual education and CLIL.

Janneke Geursen

Janneke Geursen is a teacher educator in the World Teachers Programme at ICLON.  She worked as a teacher of English at a secondary school before becoming a teacher educator and foreign language methodologist at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. 
During her 14 years at the VU she taught and trained both pre-service and inservice teachers at all career levels, focusing on the teaching of language- and thinking skills. She was involved in the development of a training programme for teacher educators and takes part in several national committees related to the teaching of English. She became part of the WTP team at ICLON at the start of 2014 and also participates in the Professional Learning Community for teachers of English in Bilingual Schools.

Tamara Platteel

Tamara Platteel is a teacher educator specialized in action research and teacher learning. At ICLON she is a supervisor and research facilitator, and she is involved in in-service education. Her dissertation focused on teacher learning though action research and was published in 2010. She is also active in Onderwijsnetwerk Zuid-Holland (ONZ) and ICLON in-service programmes focused on facilitating research and teacher learning in general.

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