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Guide to admission

Entrance requirements and admissions procedure

Entrance requirements

The entrance requirements of the Teaching Master apply:

  • University Bachelor degree in a school subject and university Master degree;
  • Good command of Dutch. Applicants who have not been educated at a Dutch secondary school will have to pass a Dutch language test (Admission Exam TUL Advanced).

Additional entrance requirements for World Teachers Programme (assessed through application interview/procedure):

  • English at C1 level;
  • Commitment to the programme and interest in international/bilingual education.

Admissions procedure

Places on the World Teachers Programme are limited. Interested candidates are invited to apply to the Teaching Master via the Leiden University online application system before May 1st, including a letter of application and CV in English. Eligible candidates will be invited for an interview. The application procedure is as follows:

  1. Application to ICLON before April 1st
    To register for the World Teachers Program (WTP), register for the regular Teaching Master for the relevant school subject. The registration procedure consists of several steps, so start applying a few days before the application deadline. After submitting the online application to Leiden University, you are requested to submit additional information via a digital form. In this form you can indicate that you want to apply for the WTP and you will be asked to upload your CV and a letter of motivation (in English).
  2. Candidates who have successfully applied through the online application system and who are eligible for the Teaching Master will be invited for a WTP intake interview.

    Interviews will be held in May 2023 and will take 30 minutes. The interview will be conducted in English. You will be asked to pitch a lesson idea related to your subject and further illuminate your reasons for wanting to join the programme. 


Regular cost of studies for Teaching Master and travel/accommodation expenses for WTP school practice abroad.

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