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Sander Stolk


Dr. S.S. Stolk
+31 71 527 2727

Sander Stolk is a postdoctoral researcher at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts.

More information about Sander Stolk

My work experience with information management strategies and use of Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies enables me to contribute to projects both in and outside of academia. At Leiden University, I currently work on the ERC-funded research project 'Early Medieval English in Nineteenth-Century Europe [EMERGENCE]', led by Dr. Thijs Porck. In this project, I am responsible for information management strategies of the knowledge that will be accumulated over its five years' duration. Decisions on the data models necessary, ontologies used, and the reuse of existing sources are fundamental in building a network of information on how early medieval English was received and studied in continental Europe in the 19th century. We will bring together sources such as medieval manuscripts, 19th-century correspondence, and publications – utilizing modern technologies to that end, including social networks, Linked Data, and IIIF.

My doctoral thesis was completed in 2023 and has been awarded the annual dissertation prize by the research institute LUCAS. Its title: “Digital Thesauri as Semantic Treasure Troves: A Linguistic Linked Data Approach to A Thesaurus of Old English. My research explored possible improvements in the dissemination and reuse of thesauri for historical languages, through use of Linked Data technology, for the purpose of investigating the language and culture of a people. As part of this research, I have analysed existing works of this kind for English and for Scots specifically, identified possible improvements for their dissemination, worked on the standardisation of specifications for Linguistic Linked Data, developed a web application for these thesauri that supplied researchers with novel functionality, and evaluated the solution through a number of case studies in the project Exploring Early Medieval English Eloquence.

Curriculum vitae


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Leiden University, Digital Humanities [2023; PhD supervisors: Prof. dr. R.H. Bremmer JrDr. M.H. PorckProf. dr. P.Th.J.M. Vossen]
  • Master of Arts (MA), Leiden University, Literary Studies: English Literature and Culture, cum laude [2013]
  • Master of Science (MSc), VU University, Computer Science: Internet and Web Technology, cum laude [2009]

Professional experience

  • Asset Information Manager, Waternet [2022-present]
  • Research Lead, Semmtech [2024-present]
  • Head of Innovation, Semmtech [2020-2023]
  • Semantic Architect, Semmtech [2015-2019]
  • Software Developer, Semmtech [2014-2015]
  • Ticket Sales Employee, Stadspodia Leiden [2011-2013]
  • Executive Board Member of the study English Language and Culture, Leiden University [2011-2013]
  • Ambassador of the Western Languages studies, Leiden University [2010-2012]
  • Chairman of the Evaluation Committee of the study English Language and Culture, Leiden University [2010-2012] 


  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Oude Britse letterkunde

Work address

Arsenaalstraat 1
2311 CT Leiden
Room number B2.01



  • Semmtech B.V. Hoofd R&D
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