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Sander Stolk

External PhD

S.S. Stolk MSc
+31 71 527 2166

My research bears the preliminary title "Semantic Treasure Troves", referring to the historical thesauri that are at its very centre. Such thesauri capture the vocabulary of an entire language but, instead of sorting the words from a to z like in typical dictionaries, the words are organized in a hierarchy of categories. Such an ordering aids researchers in analysing word fields. How many words did a certain culture have for war? How many for peace? Which alternative phrasings were available to, for instance, Shakespeare? My research, situated in Digital Humanities (the field in which Humanities meets Computer Science), aims to improve the dissemination and reuse of such thesauri by bringing them to the Semantic Web.

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Curriculum vitae

Master of Arts (MA), Leiden University, Literary Studies: English Literature and Culture, cum laude [2013]
Master of Science (MSc), VU University, Computer Science: Internet and Web Technology, cum laude [2009]

Professional experience
Business Information Consultant, Semmtech B.V. [2015-present]
Software Developer, Semmtech B.V. [2014-2015]
Ticket Sales Employee, Stadspodia Leiden [2011-2013]
Executive Board Member of the study English Language and Culture, Leiden University [2011-2013]
Ambassador of the Western Languages studies, Leiden University [2010-2012]
Chairman of the Evaluation Committee of the study English Language and Culture, Leiden University [2010-2012] 

PhD supervisors

External PhD

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Oude Britse letterkunde


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