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Evert Scholte

Professor emeritus Orthopedagogics

Prof.dr. E.M. Scholte
+31 71 527 2727

Short CV

Evert Scholte (1950) is professor by special appointment at Leiden University. He graduated in 1988 on a thesis targeting preventive social welfare intervention for families of young people with police-contacts. From 1983 to 1997 he worked at the Research Centre for Youth Studies of the Leiden University. Since 1998 he is in the Special Education Department, from 2002 as an associate professor and since 2006 as a professor by special appointment. His teaching assignment is social welfare and special education of individuals with developmental difficulties. 

CV E.M. Scholte (2014)


His research is practice oriented and targets the psychological, educational and family processes involved in cognitive and social-emotional development of children and adults with special developmental needs, as well as development of applications to improve treatment practices for these individuals. The latter includes the development of evidence based tools for the assessment of special needs and the implementation of appropriate educational, family and social welfare services that stimulate optimum cognitive and social-emotional growth.


  • GZ-psychologist BIG number 49052551225 (non practising)
  • Member ISED

PhD candidates

  • 2014: Regina Stoutjesdijk, 'Children with emotional and behavioral disorders in special education' (with prof. J.T. Swaab)
  • 2013: Eirini Manti, ‘From categories to dimensions to evaluations’(with prof. I.A. van Berckelaer-Onnes)
  • 2012: Jarymcke Maljaars, ‘Communication problems in children with autism and intellectual disability: Depicting the phenotype’ (with prof. I.A. van Berckelaer-Onnes)
  • 2010: Annelies Spek, ‘Cognitive profiles of adults with the autistic disorder or Asperger Syndrome’ (with prof. I.A. van Berckelaer-Onnes)
  • 2010: Josette Wulffaert, ‘Genetic syndromes in the family: Child characteristics and parenting stress in Angelman, CHARGE, Cornelia de Lange, Rett and Prader-Willi syndrome’ (with prof. I.A. van Berckelaer-Onnes)

Inaugural Lecture

Multiple effective. A treatise on Youth Welfare Services and Special Education. (Dutch)


See Dutch profile Evert Scholte

Professor emeritus Orthopedagogics

  • Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
  • Instituut Pedagogische Wetenschappen
  • Neuropedagogiek en ontwikk. stoornissen

Work address

Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden




  • NJI lid erkenningscommissie
  • stichting Post-Doctorale Beroeps Opleiding Randstad bestuurslid
  • Sociaal Wetenschappelijk Advies en Automatisering directielid
  • Nederlands Instituut voor Pedagogisch en Psychologisch Onderzoek directie/bestuurslid
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