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Adriana Churampi Ramirez

University Lecturer

Dr. A.I. Churampi Ramirez
+31 71 527 2064

Adriana Churampi Ramirez is a University Lecturer at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society.

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Fields of interest

Cultural identity


Adriana I. Churampi Ramírez was born in Peru. She studied Latin-American literature in Leiden and wrote her PhD thesis on the socio-political impact of Manuel Scorza's novels. In a special combination of fiction and reality, this writer portrayed the epics of the Peruvian Indian upheavals during the sixties. 

Since 1998, Churampi has been a lecturer in Latin-American literature at the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University. Her current research concentrates on the study of written materials depicting the indigenous population of the Andes region (mainly novels but also images and even comics). The deconstruction of the strategies in the process of building the image of "the Indian" is the key line in her analyses. The study of image formation not only covers manuscripts written from the perspective of others defining who is Indian, but also analyzes the constructions of self representation. In this way, Churampi's research deals with concepts such as identity and representation, key themes that are core to most recent conflicts in Andean countries. 

From 2005 to 2008, she took part in a multidisciplinary project granted by the Netherlands Foundation for Scientific Research (NWO) for the program "Houses of the living and the dead." The project concentrated on the organization of Taíno households in the Dominican Republic. Ethno-historic accounts from the islands and ethnographic information from the South American mainland were used to support the archaeological data and to provide an integrated view of the interaction networks by the pre-Columbian inhabitants of the insular Caribbean. Churampi took part in this project analyzing ethno historic texts and manuscripts written by the Spanish chroniclers during the early colonial period. She reviewed the existing information about Tainos, but concentrated her research on less traditional manuscripts. 

Key publications

“¿Es la bandera del Perú? El enfrentamiento de los símbolos de la patria en la pentalogía de Manuel Scorza.”   Revista Electrónica de Estudios Literarios Espéculo # 24, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Juli 2003. 

Ushanan-Jampi: la justicia de "los otros.”  Revista Electrónica de Estudios Literarios Espéculo # 30 , Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 2005. 

Reproductie van Espéculo: Ushanan-jampi: la justicia de “los otros.” El tema de la justicia en la ficcion andina - Cine y Literatura.  Ayllu Cooperativa Audiovisual. 2006. 

“A Race of Sleepless People breaks into History.”  Cultural Identity and Postmodern Writing. D’Haen, Theo and Pieter Vermeulen (Eds). Amsterdam/New York, NY: Editions Rodopi, 2006, VII. 

“Garabombo Mission Impossible.”  The Social and Linguistic Heritage of Native Peoples in the Americas. The Struggle to Maintain Cultural Particularity. Laura N.K. Van Broekhoven, Editor. The Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, Queenston, Lampeter, 2006, pp. 257-286. 

“Redoble por la historia oficial. Scorza y la recuperación de la memoria perdida.”  Rodriguez, Luz y Meer van der, Marilene (eds)   Reescrituras. Amsterdam: Editions Rodopi B.V, 2003, pp.115-125. 

“De Nobele Zonnekinderen van Kuifje.” Laura N.K van Broekhoven (ed). Met  Kuifje naar de Inca’s. Catalogus Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde Tentoonstelling “Met Kuifje naar Peru.”Brussels: Editions Moulionsart, 2003. 

University Lecturer

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Latijns-Amerikaanse L&C

Work address

Reuvensplaats 3-4
2311 BE Leiden
Room number 1.08



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