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Institute Board
The Institute of Political Science is managed by the Institute Board, which consists of a chair (appointed from within the professors of the institute) and at most two other members. Read more ›

Programme Board
The Programme Board, amongst other tasks, takes care of the organisation and integration of the offered education compliant to the Rules and Regulations. Read more ›

Advisory Council
The Advisory Council advises the Institute Board on a wide range of topics that concern the Institute. This advice is mainly dispensed on matters concerning education, research on the link between education and the labour market and other matters. Read more ›


Institute Council
The Institute Council advises the Institute Board on issues concerning the research, teaching, and organisation of the Institute. Read more ›

Programme Committees
The programme committees advise the institutional and faculty councils about issues concerning the Bachelor's and Master's programmes. Read more ›

Board of Examiners
The Board of Examiners has been legally appointed to organise and coordinate examinations. Read more ›

Student Recruitment Committee
The Student Recruitment Committee provides information to and organises activities for prospective students seeking to learn more about the Institute of Political Science's Bachelor's and Master's programmes. Read more ›

Board of Admissions
The Admissions Boards assess whether or not students are to be admitted to the Institute’s education programmes. Read more ›

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