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Plant BioDynamics Laboratory

The Plant BioDynamics Lab (PBDL) is a laboratory dedicated to experiments designed to develop and validate quantitative mathematical models of dynamical processes in biology. The principal objective of developing these models is to make quantitative predictions about these processes.

Mission Statement

PBDL aims to promote analysis of selected research questions from plant transport processes by combining experimental biological research with mathematical modeling, analysis and simulation, providing model-based interpretation of experimental data. Its view is that mathematical models are not an aim in itself, but necessary for obtaining a deeper understanding of complex dynamics such as found in transport processes as they manifest themselves at the various organizational levels, from total plants to the cellular and molecular level. Mathematical precise underpinning of the relationship between these organizational levels allows to bridge scales. Hence this is essential in our approach, and it is a constant challenge for future research. PBDL promotes transmitting this view to students by research traineeships and courses.


PBDL favors multidisciplinary research. Depending on the problems under investigation PBDL establishes collaborations between experts from for example molecular genetics, molecular and electro cell physiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, analytical mathematics, mathematical statistics and computational sciences.

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