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Plant BioDynamics Laboratory


Disseminating to the future generation of researchers the multidisciplinary working practices, expertise and scientific view that has been developed in research within the Plant BioDynamics Lab over the past years is an important objective in our collaborative efforts. The research papers of PBDL bring these aspects to a large audience, passively. Teaching allows to share knowledge and insights to a smaller – but targeted – audience, inter-actively.

PBDL is involved in the following teaching activities:

  • Minor ‘Quantitative Biology’ for bachelor students

The growing field of quantitative biology is operating precisely where biology, mathematics and computational science meet. This interdisciplinary minor, offered as a collaborative effort between Biology and Mathematics, introduces students to these developments. It provides them with the basic skills, knowledge and experience required for working in this field or for benefiting best from its approach in their future life science research. Minor ‘Quantitative Biology’

  • Research traineeships at PBDL for master students

Master students in Mathematics with an interest in Life Science or those from Biology with affinity for mathematical modeling, simulation and analysis, are welcome to join the research efforts at PBDL as a traineeship or their final research project for graduation. Candidates can apply, and may be admitted after an interview. Besides on the required level of skills and expertise, PBDL also selects on motivation and ability to perform multidisciplinary research in team work.

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