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Mathematical Institute

About us

The Mathematical Institute is one of the eight institutes of the Faculty of Science. The institute operates as a single unit defined by the activities of its members.


The Mathematical Institute offers a bachelor's and a master's programme in Mathematics, and a master's programme in Statistical Science. It also teaches many mathematics and statistics classes in other academic programmes of Leiden University, including Leiden University College.

PhD Students

About 65 graduate students pursue a PhD in mathematics or statistics with one of the professors of the institute. PhD study typically entails four years of research under personal guidance of one or more professors, usually without formal course work. PhD students are fully integrated in the institute, and contribute substantially to its congenial atmosphere.


Currently the institute can be divided into four research groups: 

This division is for convenience. There are many relations between the members of the groups, and all responsibilities are shared. The institute operates on a single financial budget, and its hiring policy is focused on talented researchers and lecturers rather than on subbranches of mathematics. There is a strong cohesion among the members of the institute.


The institute runs a colloquium addressed to a general mathematical audience, as well as several more specialized seminar meetings and reading groups, as advertised on the pages of the research groups.


Leiden University has employed mathematicians for more than four centuries. A historical overview of Leiden mathematicians can be found in this booklet.

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