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Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory

The research of the Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory cluster tries to bridge the gap between abstract theory and the world of algorithms and applications.

It might be viewed as number theory in the broadest sense, ranging from cryptology to arithmetic geometry and motives, with a strong emphasis on algebraic methods and a direct interest in the computational aspects of the theory.

The group coordinates the ALGANT Master Programme, which started in 2005 as an Erasmus Mundus master programme and which since 2015 is offered at seven locations throughout Europe.

Many master courses offered by this group are part of the Dutch national Mastermath programme. The group organises a local algebra, geometry and number theory seminar and plays an important role in the Intercity Number Theory Seminar and in the DIAMANT research cluster.

For an overview of events in Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory, see this calendar

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