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Translational Immuno-Pharmacology


For a full overview of the publications of the Translational Immuno-Pharmacology group, visit the Google Scholar page.

Key publications

  1. Ernest J.P., Goh J.J.N., Strydom N., Wang Q., Wijk R.C. van, Zhang N., Deitchman A., Nuermberger E. & Savic R.M. (2023), Translational predictions of phase 2a first-in-patient efficacy studies for antituberculosis drugs, European Respiratory Journal 62(2): 2300165.
  2. Wijk R.C. van, Ainhoa L., Sudhakar P.K., Sonnenkalb L., Gaudin C., Hoffmann E., Dremierre B., Aguilar-Ayala D.A., Molin M.D., Rybniker J., De Giorgi S., Cioetto-Mazzabò L., Segafreddo G., Manganelli R., Degiacomi G., Recchia D., Pasca M.R.,Simonsson U.S.H. & Ramón-García S. (2023), Implementing best practices on data generation and reporting of mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro assays within the ERA4TB consortium, iScience 26(4): 106411.
  3. De Jager V., Gupte N., Nunes S., Barnes G.L., Wijk R.C. van, Mostert J., Dorman S.E., Abulfathi A. A., Upton C.M., Faraj A., Nuermberger E.L., Lamichhane G., Svensson E.M., Simonsson U.S.H., Diacon A.H. & Dooley K.E. (2022), Early bactericidal activity of meropenem plus clavulanate (with or without rifampin) for tuberculosis: the COMRADE randomized, phase 2A clinical trial, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 205(10): 1228-1235.
  4. Wijk R.C. van, Hu W.B., Dijkema S.M., Berg D. van den, Liu J., Bahi R., Verbeek F.J., Simonsson U.S.H., Spaink H.P., Graaf P.H. van der & Krekels E.H.J. (2020), Anti-tuberculosis effect of isoniazid scales accurately from zebrafish to humans, British Journal of Pharmacology 177(24): 5518-5533.
  5. Wijk R.C. van, Krekels E.H.J., Kantae V., Ordas A., Kreling T., Harms A.C., Hankemeier T., Spaink H.P. & Graaf P.H. van der (2019), Mechanistic and quantitative understanding of pharmacokinetics in zebrafish larvae through nanoscale blood sampling and metabolite modelling of paracetamol, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 371(1): 15-24.
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