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Division of Systems Biomedicine and Pharmacology

Systems Pharmacology

The Systems Pharmacology group is headed by Prof. Piet Hein van der Graaf. Systems Pharmacology is the quantitative analysis of the dynamic interactions between drugs and a biological system to understand the behaviour of the system as a whole, as opposed to the behaviour of its individual constituents; thus, it has become the interface between pharmacometrics and systems biology.

Systems Pharmacology applies the concepts of Systems Engineering, Systems Biology, and pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics (PKPD) to the study of complex biological systems through iteration between computational and mathematical modelling and experimentation.

Our research focuses on:

  1. Development of specific systems pharmacology models for diseases and pathways of interest to guide target validation and drug discovery and development, for example in immunology and inflammation;
  2. Development of novel computational and mathematical approaches to develop and explore complex systems models, for example model reduction and frequency-domain response analysis;
  3. Development of novel experimental approaches for systems pharmacology, such as for example zebrafish and metabolomics;
  4. Systems toxicology and safety of the cardiovascular system (http://transqst.org/).

Key publications

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