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Metabolomics and Analytics Centre

Single Cell

The single cell group (SCG) is part of the Metabolomics & Analytics Centre Our research is centered around developing innovating analytical methods tailored for small-volume, or single cell analysis to enable metabolomics-driven systems biology in personalized health strategies. We are always on the look out for interested colaborators and talented researchers that would like to work with us! if you are one, please contact us.

Single Cell Team

Method development core

Mass Spectrometry

Live single cell mass spectrometry is still in its infancy in the world of analytics. Despite its utility that allowed it to be used in a myriad of applications, there is always room for improvement. We aim to push the limits the detection further, increase throughput, and allow for dilution-free sample preparation.

Single cell mass spectrometry introduction


Biological models core

Sampling and analysis

Sampling and analysis from more clinically relevant three dimensional models using live single cell mass spectrometry is still a major challenge. In this research core, we aim to study and sample relelvant cells from complex 3D models such as patient-derived organoids or organ on chip models.

Organoid Sampling

Single cell data core

Single-cell Data

The data generated from untargeted single-cell experiments experiments present a challenge that is unique to our method. To address this, we develop our own tools that will not only streamline the data processing /analysis for our team, but more importantly, will empower other scientists in the single cell community to process and analyze single cell data in a consistent manner.

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