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Metabolomics and Analytics Centre


The research at The Metabolomics & Analytics Centre is centered around developing innovating analytical methods to enable metabolomics-driven systems biology in personalized health strategies.

High-Throughput Metabolomics 

Developing a highly structured environment for advanced metabolomics studies where we build on fully validated, state-of-the-art platforms that each cover a part of the human metabolism and together span the complete human metabolome.

Enabling Analytical Technology  

We build novel analytical workflows to meet the unique demands of emerging metabolomic questions. By incorporating principles of automation, segmented flow, microfluidics, and cutting-edge mass spectrometry, we develop new technologies for real-world applications.

Single-cell Omics

Our research is centered around developing innovative analytic methods tailored for small-volume, or single cell analysis to tackle challenges in systems biology, oncology, and personalized medicine. 

Data Analytics and Management

We implement FAIR principles for data generation and management of the metabolite measurements performed in-house. We then apply advanced statistical methods to identify significant associations of metabolites with a range of human diseases.

Enabling volume-restricted metabolomics using next-generation microscale analytical tools

The development of novel microscale analytical tools and workflows to enable new measurements that drive drug research and metabolomics is the key research aim of Dr. Rawi Ramautar within the Metabolomics and Analytics Centre (MAC)

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