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Division of BioTherapeutics


The division of BioTherapeutics consists of the former divisions Biopharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Technology.

Our focus lies on advancing innovative biopharmaceutical concepts that need to lead to succesful interventions and effective therapies in auto-immune-like disorders.

We concentrate on the identification of targets and checkpoints in the immune system that are very suitable as a target on which to develop new drugs.  In this we aim  at new ways to selectively manipulate these checkpoints, and using biologics such as vaccines and therapeutic proteins (monoclonal antibodies).

To aim and identify these new checkpoints and targets in immune-based diseases such as atherosclerosis, we apply systems immunology and immune-metabolic methods.

Also, in order to research new and innovative ways of drug administration we design cutting-edge formulations and applications of drug-administrations especially to aim at the specific site of disease in order to maximise the desired therapeutic effect.

With this focus we also aim to intensify collaborations with partners within the Leiden Biosciencepark, such as LUMC and CHDR.

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