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Chromatin organization & dynamics (Dr. Remus Dame)

Key publications

Key research articles and book chapters of the Chromatin group.


R.T. Dame, F.Z. Rashid & D.C. Grainger
Chromosome organization in bacteria: mechanistic insights into genome structure and function.
Nature Reviews Genetics. 21(4):227-242, 2020.


L. Qin, F. Ben Bdira, Y. Sterckx, A. Volkov, J. Vreede, G. Giachin, P. van Schaik, M. Ubbink & R.T. Dame 
Structural basis for osmotic regulation of the DNA binding properties of H-NS proteins.
Nucleic Acids Research. 48(4): 2156-2172, 2020.

B.A. Boudreau, D.R. Hron, L. Qin, R.A. van der Valk, M.V. Kotlajich, R.T. Dame & R. Landick
StpA and Hha stimulate pausing by RNA polymerase by promoting DNA-DNA bridging of H-NS filaments.
Nucleic Acids Research. doi: 10.1093/nar/gky265, 2018.

R.A. van der Valk, J. Vreede, G.F. Moolenaar, A. Hofmann, N. Goosen & R.T. Dame
Environmentally driven conformational changes modulate the function of H-NS.
eLife.6:27369, 2017.

J. Vreede & R.T. Dame
Structure and dynamics of the H-NS dimerization domain.
Biophysical Journal. 103(1), 89-98, 2012.

pre 2010:

P.A. Wiggins, R.T. Dame, M.C. Noom & G.J.L. Wuite
Protein mediated bridging motifs: a key mechanism in biopolymer organization.
Biophysical Journal. 97(7) 1997-2003, 2009.

M.C. Noom, W.W. Navarre, T. Oshima, G.J.L. Wuite & R.T. Dame
H-NS promotes looped domain formation in the bacterial chromosome. 
Current Biology 17(21), R913-914, 2007.

R.T. Dame, M.C. Noom & G.J.L. Wuite
Bacterial chromatin organization by H-NS protein unraveled using dual DNA manipulation.
Nature 444, 387-390, 2006.

J. van Noort, S. Verbrugge, N. Goosen, C. Dekker & R.T. Dame
Dual architectural roles of HU: formation of flexible hinges and rigid filaments.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 101(18), 6969-74, 2004.

R.T. Dame, C. Wyman, R. Wurm, R. Wagner & N. Goosen
Structural basis for H-NS mediated trapping of RNA polymerase in the open initiation complex at the rrnB P1.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277(3), 2146-2150, 2002.

R.T. Dame, C. Wyman & N. Goosen
H-NS mediated compaction of DNA visualized by atomic force microscopy.
Nucleic Acids Research 28(18), 3504-10, 2000.


R.P.C. Driessen, E. Peeters, F. Werner & R.T. Dame
The interplay between nucleoid organization and transcription in archaeal genomes.
Nature Reviews Microbiology. 13(6), 333-341, 2015.


B. Henneman, C.L. van Emmerik, H. van Ingen & R.T. Dame
Structure and function of archaeal histones.
PLOS Genetics. 14(9):e1007582. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1007582, 2018.

R.P.C. Driessen, S.N. Lin, W.J. Waterreus, A.L.H van der Meulen, R.A. van der Valk, G.F. Moolenaar, N. Laurens, G.J.L. Wuite, N.S. Pannu, N. Goosen & R.T. Dame
‘Sso10a: a new member of archaeal chromatin proteins that exhibits diverse architectural properties.
Scientific Reports. 6:29422, 2016.

R.P.C. Driessen, G. Sitters, N. Laurens, G.F. Moolenaar, G.J.L. Wuite, N. Goosen & R.T. Dame
Effect of temperature on the intrinsic flexibility of DNA and its interaction with architectural proteins.
Biochemistry. 53(41), 6430-6438, 2014.

R. Shahapure, R.P.C. Driessen, M.F. Haurat, S.V. Albers & R.T. Dame
The archaellum: a rotating type IV pilus
Molecular Microbiology. 91(4), 716-723, 2014.

R.P.C. Driessen, H. Meng, G. Suresh, R. Shahapure, G. Lanzani, U.D. Priyakumar, M.F. White, H. Schiessel, J. van Noort & R.T. Dame
Crenarchaeal chromatin proteins Cren7 and Sul7 compact DNA by inducing rigid bends 
Nucleic Acids Research. 41(1), 196-205, 2013.

N. Laurens, R.P.C. Driessen, I. Heller, D. Vorselen, M.C. Noom, F.J.H. Hol, M.F. White, R.T. Dame & G.J.L. Wuite
Alba shapes the archaeal genome using a delicate balance of bridging and stiffening the DNA
Nature Communications. 3 (1328), 2012.

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