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Chromatin organization & dynamics (Dr. Remus Dame)

Key publications

Key research articles and book chapters of the Chromatin group.

Research articles:

R.P.C. Driessen, H. Meng, G. Suresh, R. Shahapure,  G. Lanzani, U.D. Priyakumar, M.F. White, H. Schiessel, J. van Noort and  R.T. Dame
Crenarchaeal chromatin proteins Cren7 and Sul7 compact DNA by inducing rigid bends.
Nucleic Acids Research. 41(1), 196-205, 2013

N. Laurens, R.P.C. Driessen, I. Heller, D. Vorselen, M.C. Noom, F.J.H. Hol, M.F. White,  R.T. Dame* & G.J.L. Wuite*
Alba shapes the archaeal genome using a delicate balance of bridging and stiffening the DNA.
Nature Communications. 3 (1328), 2012
* joint last authors

J. Vreede, and R.T. Dame
Predicting the effects of ions on the conformation of the H-NS dimerization domain.
Biophysical Journal, 103, 89-98, 2012

M.C. Noom, W.W. Navarre, T. Oshima, G.J.L. Wuite, and R.T. Dame.
H-NS promotes looped domain formation in the bacterial chromosome.
Current Biology, R913-914, 2007

R.T. Dame, M.C. Noom, and G.J.L. Wuite.
Bacterial chromatin organization by H-NS protein unravelled using dual DNA manipulation.
Nature 444, 387-90, 2006
J. van Noort, S. Verbrugge, N. Goosen, C. Dekker, and R.T. Dame
Dual architectural roles of HU: formation of flexible hinges and rigid filaments.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 101(18), 6969-74, 2004

R.T. Dame, C. Wyman, R. Wurm, R. Wagner, and N. Goosen
Structural basis for H-NS mediated trapping of RNA polymerase in the open initiation complex at the rrnB P1.
J. Biol. Chem., 277(3), 2146-2150, 2002

R.T. Dame, C. Wyman, and N. Goosen
H-NS mediated compaction of DNA visualized by atomic force microscopy.
Nucl. Acids Res. 28(18), 3504-10, 2000

Book chapters:

R.T. Dame and C.J. Dorman (Eds.)
Bacterial Chromatin
Springer Publishing. 2010.
Online version

Review articles:

R.T. Dame, O.J. Kalmykowa, D.C. Grainger
Chromosomal macro-domains and associated proteins: implications for DNA organization and replication in Gram negative bacteria.
PLoS Genetics 7, e10021232011, 2011

M.S. Luijsterburg, M.F. White, R. van Driel, and R.T. Dame
The major architects of chromatin: architectural proteins in bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes.
Crit. Rev. Biochem. Mol. Biol. 43, 393-418, 2008

R.T. Dame
The role of nucleoid-associated proteins in the organization and compaction of bacterial chromatin.
Mol. Microbiol. 56(4), 858-70, 2005

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