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Chromatin organization & dynamics (Dr. Remus Dame)

Our approach

Our group operates at the cross-roads of different disciplines: molecular and cellular microbiology, biochemistry, structural biology and biophysics. The group harbors expertise in a multitude of molecular and cellular approaches including:

  • genetics
  • protein expression and purification
  • ensemble biochemical and biophysical methods
  • computer modelling
  • scanning force microscopy
  • single molecule fluorescence
  • tethered particle motion, magnetic and optical tweezers
  • microbial cell biology
  • chromosome conformation capture (3C and HiC)

In addition, we collaborate with theoretical physicists to develop theoretical frameworks for the quantitative interpretation of our results.
Occasionally we address other interesting questions (e.g. related to DNA topology, protein-DNA interactions, functional protein aggregation) outside the direct field of interest with the above techniques.

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