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BSc and MSc programmes at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry

BSc Molecular Science & Technology

Molecular Science & Technology is a unique chemistry programme that not only brings you into contact with the fundamental, industrial and societal facets of chemistry but also enables you to explore the field of chemistry that you enjoy most!

Find out more on the website of the Molecular Science & Technology Bachelor's programme.

BSc Life Science & Technology

In order to understand, interpret and apply the processes in a living cell, both fundamental and applied knowledge of different disciplines is essential. This is why our teaching programme is built on the study of chemistry, biology, cell biology, physics, mathematics, informatics, bio-informatics and pharmacology.

Find out more on the website of the Life Science & Technology Bachelor's programme.

Minor Sustainable Chemistry and Biotechnology

This minor introduces students to the concepts of sustainability from a (bio)chemical point of view. For example, the transition to clean energy production and storage can be inspired by photosynthesis but requires an understanding of how to split water and make hydrogen gas. Using plant materials as feedstock for bioplastics requires an understanding of the biochemical pathways and the biotechnological challenges. Such topics are addressed in this minor, which is a joint effort of the departments Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering at TU Delft and the Institute of Chemistry at Leiden University.

MSc Chemistry

Chemistry is the central science enabling a healthy future in a sustainable society. Chemistry researchers in Leiden take a fundamental approach to finding tailored solutions for complex societal problems in human health and environmental issues. Chemical research in the Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC) is concentrated in two major themes:

  • Research in Chemical Biology is characterised by the study and interference of physiological processes at the molecular level. With aid of intrinsic chemical approaches and concepts, fundamental biological problems are investigated.
  • Research in Energy & Sustainability is focused on the development of new sources of sustainable energy as well as the development of means to decrease the demand for energy in e.g. industrial processes.

MSc Life Science & Technology

Life Science & Technology is the central science to lead our society toward a healthy and sustainable future. The basis of the Leiden master programme in Life Science & Technology is formed by research carried out in the life sciences and chemistry groups of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC). Researchers take a science-based approach in finding tailored solutions for complex societal problems as encountered in personalized medicine, systems biology and sustainable use of biological sources.Starting from day one, and during the whole master programme the student is a member of a research team in the LIC. Guided by an individual mentor, the student assembles a tailor-made educational program for optimal training to become a life sciences professional. Included is the option of research training projects in other research groups of the Faculty of Sciences, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands Cancer Institute or Erasmus Medical Center or abroad. These research projects are complemented with high-level lecture courses.

Visit the LIC Master's website for more information

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