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Animal Sciences & Health

We perform multidisciplinary research at molecular, cellular, and organismal levels of animal biology to increase fundamental understanding of health and disease.

The Animal Sciences & Health cluster fosters collaboration between researchers with expertise in molecular cell biology, immunology, physiology, behavioural biology, and evo-devo research. Under three primary research themes, Mechanisms of Disease, Behaviour and Cognition, and Development and Evolution, we aim to: (1) increase understanding of the biological mechanisms that are involved in maintenance of health and associated with diseases in which developmental processes, metabolism, and the immune system play a major role; (2) gain insight into the proximate and ultimate factors underlying animal behaviour and cognition, and the consequences of anthropogenic changes in environment on physiology and behaviour; and (3) elucidate how genetic changes in developmental mechanisms drive the evolution of new functions and phenotypes.

Coordinator: Prof. dr. A.H. Meijer (Annemarie)

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