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Research project

Nanomedicine to Visualize and Treat Inflammation after Stroke (NAVISTROKE)


2017 - 2022
Mario van der Stelt

Stroke, the loss of brain function due to ischemia or hemorrhage, represents the leading cause of longterm disability and is one of the main causes of death. The inflammatory response after stroke has been identified as a promising therapeutic target. Therefore, specifically targeting the detrimental macrophage accumulation into the injured brain could be an effective approach to reduce damage and to promote recovery after stroke.

In this project we will develop nanotechnology to specifically modulate the cannabinoid system and improve functional recovery by reducing inflammation after stroke. To achieve this, we assembled a multidisciplinary team of renowned scientists in nanomedicine, medicinal chemistry and stroke imaging, who will partner with Sensi Pharma, a company that focuses on the application of cannabinoids for medical purposes. Cannabinoid nanodrugs with inherent high affinity for inflammatory cells will be trialed in mouse stroke models using a combination of in vivo imaging and ex vivo assays.

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