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From descriptive to predictive pharmacology in children using semi-physiological population modelling: application to hepatic metabolism

Clearance is the most important pharmacokinetic parameter for drug dose selection. Pharmacokinetic information is typically first available in the adult population, and in general only limited pharmacokinetic data are available in children when drugs enter into the market. It is therefore of the utmost importance to develop extrapolation methods that predict clearance in children based on adult data.

Catherijne Knibbe

Project in collaboration with Erasmus MC,
Prof. dr. Dick Tibboel

The aim of this project is to systematically evaluate and improve model-based approaches to extrapolate drug clearance from adults to children. To this end, physiologically based approaches are combined with population pharmacokinetic analysis methods. Specific focus is on clearance through hepatic metabolism. Once methods are validated for specific scenarios, they can be used to guide drug dosing or optimize clinical trials in the paediatric population.


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