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Research project

Distinctive user groups

What legislative and regulatory questions arise when children, adolescents or elderly people use the Internet?

2012 - 2016
Simone van der Hof

When we speak of the end users of the internet, or other digital technologies, these are usually targeted as a homogenous group. However, there is actually a wide diversity of different types of end users, and each type has different needs and potential vulnerabilities. Moreover, end users also use the internet in different roles, for example as citizens or as consumers. The behaviours and needs of specific types of end users on the internet, or the roles end users may have when using the internet, raise different questions and require specific research. At eLaw, we are interested in the legal and regulatory issues that may arise when children and youngsters go online. or when elderly people use the internet, but also in issues that involve end users in their role as citizens (in relation to the (digital) government), or in their role as consumers (e-commerce). 

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