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Research project

Intergenerational Transmission

Intergenerational transmission refers to the complex and dynamic process with which values, ideas and behaviors are transmitted across generations. We are specifically interested in the intergenerational transmission of behaviors and beliefs that might result in harm to the individuals involved or society at large.

2021 - 2024
Marieke Liem

In our research, we look at the extent to which extremist, radical, sectarian and criminal patterns persist within families – as well as the mechanisms underlying transmission processes and the factors inhibiting such continuation. Relevant cases range from children brought up in cults, to children from returning foreign fighters, to children brought up in other extremist environments.  

In studying intergenerational transmission we adopt a multidisciplinary approach, drawing from insights from pedagogy, psychology, law, sociology, criminology, anthropology, and religion studies. We use an integrated methodology, in which qualitative and quantitative approaches are combined to achieve an in-depth and multilayered understanding of this phenomenon.

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