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The Transformation of the Euro: Law, Contract, Solidarity

On 31 January 2018 Vestert Borger defended his dissertation entitled ‘The Transformation of the Euro: Law, Contract, Solidarity’. The dissertation has been written under the supervision of Professor Stefaan Van den Bogaert (supervisor) and Dr Jorrit Rijpma (co-supervisor).

Vestert Borger
31 January 2018
Leiden University Repository

The euro crisis shook the European Union to its foundations. By studying the measures that were taken to rescue the euro, the dissertation clarifies the change that occurred in its legal set-up. Above all, it reveals that the Union possesses a strong transformative capacity and shows how politics and the judiciary relate to one another when this capacity is drawn upon during existential crises. In doing so, the dissertation not only contributes to a better understanding of the euro, but to that of the Union itself.

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