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New handbook “EU State Aids”

The Europa Instituut is pleased to announce that on 21 November 2016 a new handbook “EU State Aids” (31 Chapters, 1500 pages) was published.

Leigh Hancher, Tom Ottervanger, Piet Jan Slot
28 November 2016
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The editors all have (had) close ties with the Leiden Europa Institute: Tom Ottervanger (Professor of Competition and EU law at the Europa Institute), Leigh Hancher (Professor of EU Law in Tilburg and former Assistant Professor of EU Law at the Europa Instituut) and Piet Jan Slot (Prof. Em. and former Director of the Europa Institute). Two chapters were written by colleagues from the Europa Institute: Maarten Aalbers (Phd student, with Paul Adriaanse, Associate Professor) and Ben Van Rompuy (Assistant Professor).

The work covers all substantive and procedural aspects of state aid law and policy in detail, analysing the underlying rules in depth and how they have been applied by the Commission and the courts. It is an invaluable resource to all those involved in advising or litigating matters of state aid, from lawmakers to regulators, lawyers, academics, economists and courts.

More information can be found here.

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