The Hague is... a City with Many Faces

Episode 6: The Hague is… a city by the sea

Published on 20 September 2022 - Created by Leiden University College The Hague

In this episode, Karolina invites you to join in on a trip along The Hague’s coast, from Scheveningen to Kijkduin. From coastal protection, the fishing industry and tourism, to the traditions of Old Scheveningen - you will be introduced to the many different interests that converge in the small strip of coastal area.  Along the way, there are prompts for reflection and simple exercises to guide your observation. When you set out, be prepared and take a notebook and your phone or a camera with you. This will allow you to capture the different views and atmosphere of each place in some form, and to do some nature journaling in the dunes or at the beach.

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Other Resourches/Ideas

•    Scheveningen’s history, visit the local museum.
•    The Atlantik Wall
•    The Grondstofjutters project
•    The Zandmotor