The Hague is... a City with Many Faces

Episode 1. Introduction, Part I: The Hague is... a city with many faces.

Published on 20 September 2022 - Created by Leiden University College The Hague

Your host, Antonella, offers a brief explanation of The Ecology Project course that kick-started the series. She also explains the background of place-based education: what it responds to, what it entails, and what we, as a team, interpret its main pillars to be. The concluding portion of this introductory epidose also includes an anecdotal recount of Antonella’s (rather bumpy) arrival to The Hague, and how her sense of rootedness in the city was informed by what she learned from the aforementioned course.

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Other Resources/Ideas

•    Test to find out where on the Dutch political spectrum you would fit.
•    Website to see the consequences of being the International City of Peace and Justice
•    Additional information about Malieveld.
•    Additional information about Binnenhof.